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Sep 27, 2012 4:00pm EDT
like weird science. he says he came this close to being one of sandusky's chosen boys. >> jerry sandusky was part of a pedophile rink. they traded me for sex when i was 15. >> announcer: tomorrow -- >> sandusky and another pedophile are passing around these nude photos of me and exchanging them like baseball cards. >> announcer: a dr. phil exclusive. >> she starts rubbing on my shoulder and punching me. he made arrangements to go to a >> dr. phil: we are ya'll here? seriously, tell me what your objective is in being here. i don't get it. >> dr. phil, right now levi is extremely scared at her house. tiffani has gotten a lot worse. her behavior has gotten worse over the last year. it's very dangerous. i'm scared for her safety. i'm scared for levi's safety. she needs -- ffani's behavior is out of control. >> dr. phil: you guys are getting a divorce. >> correct. >> dr. phil: you're living in different homes. how long has that been going on? >> since january. >> dr. phil: so almost a year, right? and her behavior has been getting worse for a year. i'd say are you consistent with her
Sep 27, 2012 7:00am PDT
this painting is on canvas, to me, makes it suspect. >> reporter: it's fun to speculate. but science is to advanced now, that a lab can determine a painting's age. an independent analysis can tell us if mona lisa has a twin or just an admiring copy. for "good morning america," jeffrey kofman, abc news, london. >> i guess we'll have to wait for that. >> a fresher, younger copy. >>> let's get the weather from sam. >> mona, you look so different. did you get some sleep? did you get some rest? get a little sun? that conversation. all right. let's deal with a little bit of rain in west texas. this is very good news. it came with some strong, gusty winds. and in brief, downpour fashion. but to know this area is five to seven inches behind in rainfall, that rain is a good thing. there's more of that coming today. it's coming in the package of strong storms. the very good news here, that front sinks in. east texas, by the end of the week, dallas, houston, you're going to be getting some of this rain that's sitting in that part of the country. there's another zone of severe storms. and the he
Sep 27, 2012 7:00am PDT
. there are different flavors all come down to science. commercial tomatoes have been scientifically bred to be inexpensive, easy to ship and avail scrabble all year round. nothing wrong with that says this tomato researcher. >> it's an economical crop. part of the reason is the farmer wants maximum yield out of his field. so we have a lot to thank the industry for for developing these. and nobody at that point expected it would have anything to do with the flavor of the fruit when they are ripened. >> reporter: at her lab, powell discovered hybrid commercial tomatoes no longer carry one gene found in heir looms. without it they produce less sugar. in our instant test one off the shelf tomato had just half the sugar. >> 5.5. >> reporter: of the heir loom tomato. sue fwar is only one reason that heirlooms may taste better. >> it smells so good. >> reporter: where and how they are grown counts for a lot. >> tomatoes you get at the supermarket, they look perfect. this one doesn't look perfect. >> to me it looks perfect. >> reporter: these garden variety tomatoes are anything but average to t
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)